Intruder at Leveson inquiry trashes former UK PM Tony Blair

The Leveson inquiry probing into the phone hacking scandal by Rupert Murdoch-ownd  newspapers was yesterday disrupted by the mysterious appearnace of an intruder while former Prime Minister Tony Blair was testifying before it.

The activist who burst in, shouted at Tony Blair as the former prime minister was in the midst of testfying.

The intruder,  49 year old film-maker and teacher of film, David Lawley-Wakelin,  who was dragged away later  told the Guardian he had not planned the protest and entered the courtroom unchallenged via a back staircase.

He disrupted proceedings yesterday after he emerged from a rear door shouting, "Excuse me. This man should be arrested for war crimes." He went on to make allegations about Blair being "paid off" by JP Morgan for his role in the conflict, yelling: "The man is a war criminal." He was immediately dragged away by security.

The allegations were immediately denied by Blair.

Lord justice Leveson apologised to Blair and passed an order for a probe into how the intruder could gain access to court 73 at the Royal Courts of Justice.