Russia claims success with a second Covid-19 vaccine, EpiVacCorona

After the launch of the world’s first coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V, Russia has announced success with initial human trials of a second vaccine candidate, EpiVacCorona, says an IANS report.

The new Covid-19 vaccine developed by Russia's Vector State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology has been found to be safe in the early trials conducted in humans. 
The EpiVacCorona vaccine is different from the first one and trials of the vaccine are expected to be completed in September, this year. The new vaccine produced no side effects in the volunteers who received the jab of the vaccine, Russia's Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Human Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing said. 
The agency has said that the vaccine produces an immune response after double administration with the interval of 14-21 days. However, only one volunteer has so far been inoculated twice. 
"All inoculated volunteers are feeling well. To date, the first vaccination was administered to 57 volunteers, while 43 received placebo," the agency said. 
Announcing the completion of trials of the first vaccine-- Sputnik V, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the vaccine would offer “sustainable immunity” against the deadly coronavirus or Covid-19. 
Russia also recently approved the first Sputnik V vaccine for public use, Large scale trials, and plans for mass vaccination in Russia are also currently underway.
Reports say, Russia is planning a large-scale trial of its “Sputnik V” vaccine involving 40,000 people.
However, concerns over its efficacy and safety have been raised by experts from all over the world.