UK's pilot cancer detetction at shopping mall car parks may be expanded

A pilot screening scheme that successfully detected cancer in one in 33 people may be expanded to offer the facility in shopping centre car parks in the UK. 

The NHS will make available mobile screening units to people susceptible to lung cancer across four areas of England in an effort to detect the disease early.

Under a scheme around 2,500 people aged between 55 and 74, with a history of smoking, were invited to undergo CT scans in car parks, community hubs and shopping centres.

Signs of the disease were detected in one in 33, and four out of five of the cases were caught early - at stage one or two. Similar services will now be offered in four locations including London, the North and part of Yorkshire.

The expansion of the scheme will be officially announced by NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens at The Economist War On Cancer event in London.