Callous neglect at NHS hospital shocks UK

A UK National Health Service hospital trust on Sunday apologised for a shocking catalogue of neglect which saw two vulnerable patients starve to death and dozens more mistreated.

Chris Grande, 35, who suffered spinal muscular atrophy, died in agony, apparently because his medics apparently did not know how to fit a feeding tube.

In another alarming case a man of 84 starved to death when he was not given the correct diet.

Other outrages included an 86-year-old stroke patient left unwashed for 11 weeks.

Mrs Bridle was left to lie in her own filth for 11 weeks after she was admitted. Her son, Peter, begged the nurses to help his mother into the bath, only to be told they were ''too busy''.

Bridle, a former NHS nurse, had fainted and collapsed in the bathroom of her room in sheltered accommodation. She was taken into hospital and was put on seizure medication, which Mr Bridle says was so strong it ''rendered her incapable of thought''.