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Burger chain Carl Jr tweets to be bought by Amazon

10 October 2017

Burger chain Carl's Jr has taken to Twitter to ask Amazon to acquire it.

It started tweeting at 1:30 am Monday, offering to tweet a new idea every hour of what it could accomplish under Amazon.

Among the examples are a "Self-driving Restaurant," " Space shakes," a "Cloud-Based Restaurant," and "Carl's Foods Markets" that would be "conveniently located between the kale chips & juice bar!"

The tweets seem to be a take on the media hype surrounding Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods and parodying the frenzy it spurred.

However, not everyone seems to be amused and some Twitter users see it as a little sad. Replies to the many tweets range from confusion and bafflement to outright anger.

According to commentators, the joke revealed a sobering truth of how big Amazon had grown.

Business Insider reported that businesses worry that Amazon will put them out of business. A new word had been coined by investors to describe Amazon moving into a new business aggressively and sending competitor's stocks plummeting - being "Amazon'd" into oblivion.

According to commentators, Carl Jr's satirical tweets were an apt commentary on the reality retailers faced in the Amazon era.

The ideas which Car Jr has so far tweeted include such things as a ''Tender Button'' which hungry users can push to get a tender; the self-driving restaurant which will bring charbroiled goodness right to the customer.

Meanwhile, USA Today got exclusive comment from one Carl's executives.

''This is about generating a conversation around a partnership,'' says Jeff Jenkins, chief marketing officer for Carl's Jr and Hardee's. ''The tweets are obviously a start to try and see where the dialogue goes have a lot of fun with it, and see if they find the spirit of it as fun as we do.'''

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