Airbus signs $14.8bn deal with China for 160 A320/A330 aircraft

Airbus has said that it has signed contracts to sell 160 commercial passenger jets to China in a deal worth around $14.8 billion. The order includes 110 A320 and 50 A330 aircraft.

The 150-seater A320s single aisle jets are well suited for Chinese domestic routes, which are expected to continue with their strong growth in the years ahead even as the economy continues to expand.

The Chinese order now pushes Airbus ahead of Boeing in total orders for commercial aircraft this year.

Boeing said last week it had received 1,047 jet orders this year, which is already an improvement on its 2006 record-setting total of 1,044. Airbus had logged 1,021 commercial jet orders as of the end of October, the most recent data available on the company''s Web site.

Both companies have more than a month to go this year for logging additional orders.