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Elon Musk's X fails to block California's content moderation law

29 Dec 2023

In a setback for Elon Musk’s social media platform X, a U.S. District Judge dismissed its attempt to block California’s content moderation law.

Meta CEO Zuckerberg sells over 560,000 shares amid stock surge

05 Dec 2023

Meta’s Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has offloaded a significant number of shares despite the social media giant’s stock surging to nearly a two-year peak in November 2023.

Walmart joins brands abandoning Elon Musk's social media platform X

02 Dec 2023

In an announcement made on Friday, 1 December 2023, Walmart confirmed that it is no longer advertising on the social media platform X

Elon Musk finally acquires Twitter for $44 bn

28 Oct 2022

Elon Musk sold roughly $15.5 billion worth of shares in Tesla in two waves, in April and in August, to meet a court-imposed 28 October deadline to complete the Twitter deal and “free the bird”

Jio Platforms, Meta collaborate to launch JioMart on WhatsApp

03 Sep 2022

Elon Musk makes $43 billion hostile bid for Twitter

14 Apr 2022

Musk, Twitter's biggest shareholder, said that Twitter has the potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe, which is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy, adding that it “will neither thrive nor serve societal imperative in its current form - Twitter needs to be transformed as a private company”

Facebook rebrands itself as Meta; broadens reach to new areas

01 Nov 2021

While Meta will offer other products and services, including Facebook Messenger, Facebook Watch, and Facebook Portal, the change will not apply to its individual platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp

Twitter relents, appoints grievance officer, releases transparency report

13 Jul 2021

Twitter’s India head booked as website takes J&K, Ladakh out of India

30 Jun 2021

The Arrogance Of Twitter, The Social Parasite!

29 Jun 2021

“Your account is now available for use. Please be aware that any additional notices against your account may result in your account being locked again and potentially suspended. In order to avoid this, do not post additional material in violation of our Copyright Policy and immediately remove any material from your account for which you are not authorised to post,” the social media app warned India’s IT minister Shivshankar Prasad after unlocking the account

Twitter selectively polices users in India, dictates terms to govt

28 May 2021

WhatsApp challenges India’s customer protection rules

26 May 2021

In public, however, the IT giants Facebook and Google have adopted a non-confrontationist posture, saying they are trying to comply with the rules

MeitY asks WhatsApp to withdraw its `discriminatory’ privacy policy by 25 May

19 May 2021

SC asks govt to bring law to regulate content on OTT platforms

08 Mar 2021

India notifies guidelines and code of ethics for social media

26 Feb 2021

The new set of guidelines and rules follow increasing instances of misuse of social media by criminals and anti-national elements that have brought new challenges for law enforcement agencies

Govt responds over ‘Koo” as Twitter quotes own laws

15 Feb 2021

In response to IT ministry’s directive to take out 1,178 Twitter accounts that were being handled by 'Khalistani' and 'Pakistani’ entities for spreading misinformation using the farmers' protests, Twitter sought to engage IT ministry officials to push its own “rules’

Govt asks WhatsApp not to impose terms on Indian users

21 Jan 2021

WhatsApp’s proposed new privacy policy allows it to collect and share highly invasive and granular metadata, such as time, frequency and duration of interactions, group names, payments and transaction data, online status, location indicators, as well as any messages shared by users with business accounts with other Facebook companies

Online media, social sites brought under govt control

12 Nov 2020

Prime Minister Modi’s Twitter account hacked

04 Sep 2020

Bytedance’s lip-syncing app TikTok claims $50 bn-plus valuation

03 Aug 2020

Recent reports suggest that TikTok’s current valuation has, in fact, fallen to around 50 billion against its earlier valuation of over $100 billion

Australia to make Facebook, Google pay for local news content

03 Aug 2020

India adds 47 more Chinese apps to `banned’ list

27 Jul 2020

Facebook agrees to pay £500,000 UK fine over Cambridge Analytica scandal

30 Oct 2019

US, UK and Australia seek keys to Facebook’s encrypted messages

04 Oct 2019

Facebook, which expanded the use of encryption following global criticism for its failure to protect the data of its users, now faces government demand to allow snooping operations

SC to hear pleas to link social media accounts with Aadhaar

21 Aug 2019