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Welcome, Google Gemini! A potent competitor to ChatGPT-4

07 Dec 2023

Google has introduced its cutting-edge AI model, Gemini, marking a formidable entry into the competitive landscape of artificial intelligence.

GPT-4 Turbo: Microsoft enhances its AI along with the Copilot service

06 Dec 2023

Microsoft is gearing up to revolutionize its Copilot service by incorporating several new features, including the integration of OpenAI’s cutting-edge models.

Google Gemini: Learn about the new innovation by Google

21 Nov 2023

Google's Gemini, celebrated by CEO Sundar Pichai as a groundbreaking innovation, has been creating ripples since its announcement.

How reliable are search terms for SEO and SEM results?

22 Nov 2018

Employees warn Google against China search engine plan

17 Aug 2018

US senators quiz Google about Chinese search engine plans

06 Aug 2018

Seeking details about a reported plan to develop a censored Chinese version of the Google search engine, a bipartisan group of six US Senators have said the unconfirmed project “risks making Google complicit in human rights abuses”

Google plans censored version of search engine for China, claims report

02 Aug 2018

The digital transformation of news media and the rise of online disinformation

30 Apr 2018

True news audiences dwarf false news audiences, though fake news travels faster and further on social media sites, also across echo chambers and may capture consumer attention longer than true news