IIT Bombay develops equipment for recycling waste plastics

05 Jan 2024

IIT Bombay has developed an indigenous equipment for mechanical recycling of waste thermoplastic polymers to composites.

Govt bans single use plastic items

01 Jul 2022

Reliance Brands in joint venture pact with toy maker Plastic Legno

03 Jun 2022

Govt setting up `Plastics Parks’ for plastics processing: minister

24 Sep 2020

Green plastic production made easy

17 Apr 2019

Millions of tons of plastic waste could be turned into clean fuels, other products

07 Feb 2019

How to convert climate-changing carbon dioxide into plastics and other products

20 Nov 2018

Microplastics discovered in human stools across the globe in 'first study of its kind'

23 Oct 2018

LyondellBasell completes acquisition of A Schulman Inc

23 Aug 2018

Rethinking ketchup packets: New approach to slippery packaging aims to cut food waste

04 Aug 2018

After Maharashtra, UP’s Yogi bans plastic from 15 July

07 Jul 2018

While polythene bags, plastic cups and glasses will be banned in Uttar Pradesh from 15 July, the modalities are still being worked out and unlike Maharashtra, no immediate penalties have been announced

Plastic ban wreaks havoc in Mumbai, across Maharashtra

25 Jun 2018

The state-wide plastic ban will result in loss of up to Rs15,000 crore and nearly 3 lakh jobs, says the plastic manufacturing industry, even as retailers and citizens faced extreme hardship

Chemists develop biorenewable, biodegradable plastic alternative

25 Jun 2018

Maharashtra plastics ban comes as a shocker to small vendors, consumers

23 Jun 2018

From 24 June, anyone in Maharashtra found using plastic products, including single-use disposable items, is liable to face a penalty ranging from Rs5,000 to Rs25,000, with a three-month jail term for non-compliance with the regulation

Maharshtra plastics ban comes into force from 23 June

22 Jun 2018

Polymer researchers discover path to sustainable and biodegradable polyesters

04 Jun 2018

Engineering a plastic-eating enzyme


UK environment secretary hints at ban on plastic straws

23 Feb 2018

Plastic bans could hit growth in oil demand: BP

21 Feb 2018

Many second hand plastic toys could pose a risk to children's health, study suggests

27 Jan 2018

Bio-renewable process could help 'green' plastic

22 Jan 2018

China's imports of millions of tonnes of plastic waste causes rubbish build up recycling plants in UK

04 Jan 2018

Tap water from cities across the world seen to contain large amounts of plastic fibres

06 Sep 2017

Researchers develop technique to aid mass production of biodegradable plastic

01 Sep 2017

Scientists develop environment-friendly microbeads

08 Jun 2017