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HDFC Bank outsources ATM management to NCR
Our Banking Bureau
21 December 2004

New Delhi: NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today took on the responsibility for managing HDFC Bank's ATMs in Mumbai through a services agreement. With over 1000 ATMs across 192 cities, HDFC Bank has the third-largest ATM network among private banks and the fourth largest network in India.

It is the first private-sector bank to outsource ATM management. NCR is the leading ATM provider for Indian banks, and also manages one of every three ATMs in the country. Each HDFC Bank ATM does 310 transactions per day on an average, the highest in the country.

NCR will provide HDFC Bank with a total suite of services, including ATM monitoring and management, caretaker services, deposit-processing services, consumables (ATM and non-ATM) as well as cash replenishment. These services will leverage NCR's application GASPER Vantage, the world's leading ATM management tool and a sophisticated cash-optimisation application at NCR's unique state-of-the-art management centre in Mumbai. NCR's software enables it to send out customer messages remotely to specifically selected ATMs, and remotely monitor ATMs across the country 24X7. NCR personnel cover 800 Indian locations.

HDFC's retail banking country head Neeraj Swaroop said: "By appointing NCR to manage our ATM sites, we will be able to focus on direct customer services and sales." NCR India MD Deepak Chandnani added: "NCR offers superior technology that includes a significant predictive, diagnostic component for send this article to a friend proactive ATM management. This will enable HDFC bank to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction."

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HDFC Bank outsources ATM management to NCR