Bank of America
US Court of Appeals overturns penalty against Bank of America in mortgage case
24 May 2016
Bank of America to sell $87-bn money-market fund business to BlackRock
04 November 2015
BofA to get credit for record $16.7-bn settlement of US mortgage probes
22 August 2014
BofA close to $16-bn settlement with US regulators
08 August 2014
Citigroup, BofA likely to face US Justice Dept lawsuits
14 June 2014
BofA in tentative $12-bn deal with US regulators to resolve shoddy mortgages probe
06 June 2014
BoA officials reveal inaccurate disclosure of capital levels for annual stress tests
29 April 2014
Bank of America fined $783 mn tricking for customers on credit card add-on products
10 April 2014
CFPB Orders Bank Of America To Pay $727 Million In Consumer Relief For Illegal Credit Card Practices
10 April 2014
Bank of America to pay $9.3 bn to settle mortgage-backed securities claims
27 March 2014
Bank of America’s profits rise five-fold
16 January 2014
Bank of America unit found liable for defective loans sale to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
25 October 2013
Bank of America sells entire remaining stake in China Construction Bank for $1.47 bn
04 September 2013
BofA to shed Merrill Lynch's identity
17 August 2013
Bank of America duped investors, alleges US justice department
07 August 2013
Bank of America’s quarterly profit vaults 70%
18 July 2013
Bank of America-Merrill cut India’s growth outlook again
16 July 2013
Mukesh Ambani to step down from Bank of America board
16 March 2013
Bank of America starts moving derivatives from Ireland to UK: reports
28 January 2013
US government sues Bank of America over 'brazen' loan fraud
25 October 2012
Bank of America to pay $2.43 bn to settle investor lawsuit over Merrill Lynch
28 September 2012
Julius Baer in talks with BofA for Merrill Lynch's non-US wealth business
20 June 2012
Bank of America, Barclays to sell 26.5 % stake in Archstone to Lehman for $1.58 bn
26 May 2012
BofA board’s $20 million settlement called inadequate
23 April 2012
Bank of America to pay $335 million for racial loan discrimination
22 December 2011
Bank of America to sell stake in China Construction Bank for $6.6 bn
14 November 2011
BofA to sell Pizza Hut franchisee stake for $755 mn
08 November 2011
Bank of America to shed 30,000 jobs over next few years
13 September 2011
Bank of America job cuts to rise to 30,000 over the next several years
03 September 2011
FDIC concerned about BofA's $8.5-bn on mortgage settlement with investors
02 September 2011
BankAm halves its stake in China’s CCB, nets $8.3 bn
30 August 2011
Bank of America dips into Warren Buffett's Berkshire for $5-billion bailout
26 August 2011
BankAm likely to sell part stake in China Construction Bank
24 August 2011
Bank of America axes 3,500 jobs
19 August 2011
Bank of America to sell PE assets in Asia to NewQuest Capital Partners
18 April 2011
Mukesh Ambani gets Bank of America shares as fees
12 April 2011
Bank of America takes a $3-billion mortgage settlement charge
03 January 2011
Renewed optimism over China despite reduced risk appetite: BofA Merrill Lynch survey
15 September 2010
Bank of America tops magazine ranking of 1,000 banks
30 June 2010
Banco Santander to buy BoA’s stake in Mexican unit for $2.5 billion
09 June 2010
Cisco bags 200 TelePresence systems order from Bank of America
30 March 2010
New York's Cuomo files fraud charges against BofA over Merrill deal
06 February 2010
Bank of America posts Q4-2009 net loss of $194 million
20 January 2010
Bank of America names Brian Moynihan as new CEO effective 1 January
17 December 2009
Geithner for extending TARP till October 2
10 December 2009
BoA repays $45 billion TARP funds
10 December 2009
Bank of America raises $19 billion through equity sale
04 December 2009
Bank of America to retire $45 billion bailout debt in days
03 December 2009
Bank of America to sell First Republic Bank for $1 billion
22 October 2009
Union lobbies to trim BoA chief’s severance package
09 October 2009
Bank of America to sell unit to Ameriprise for $1 billion
01 October 2009
BoA refutes SEC claims on Merrill bonus issue
26 September 2009
Bank of America to pay back federal aid
22 September 2009
Department of justice, FBI probe into BoA’s Merrill Lynch acquisition
19 September 2009
Beaumont, Wright, Vu, Shah and Zhang Join Bank of America Merrill Lynch Asia Pacific commodities team
01 September 2009
Citi to keep expanding in Asia; BankAm to cut branch network: report
28 July 2009
Private equity firms lining up to acquire First Republic Bank
17 June 2009
Bank of America chief predicts slow recovery and growth ahead
21 May 2009
Bullishness returns to global markets: survey
20 May 2009
Bank of America raises $13.47 billion per stress test stipulations
20 May 2009
BankAm sells China Construction Bank stake to raise $34 billion
12 May 2009
Stress test shows BankAm may need $34 billion to stabilise operations
07 May 2009
Citi, Bank of America told to boost capital: report
28 April 2009
Bank of America reports encouraging Q1 results
20 April 2009
250-300 Satyam employees may join Bank of America
01 April 2009
BankAm chairman-CEO Kenneth Lewis subpoenaed by NY Attorney General
20 February 2009
Bank of America pays first TARP dividend of $402 million to US government
18 February 2009
Shareholders see red in BoA-Merrill deal; sue bank
24 January 2009
Former Merrill boss Thain ousted from Bank of America amid losses
23 January 2009
Bank of America hits the wall in China
20 December 2008
Bank of America to slash up to 35,000 jobs over next three years
12 December 2008
Fund investors sue Countrywide over loan modifications
02 December 2008
Fed approves Bank of America’s acquisition of Merrill Lynch
27 November 2008
Bank of America to nearly double China Construction Bank stake
18 November 2008
Bank of America agrees to $8.6 billion deal on Countrywide loans
06 October 2008
Bank of America buys Merrill Lynch
15 September 2008
Bank of America agrees to buy back $4.8 billion in auction rate securities
11 September 2008
Bank of America-Countrywide merger to cost 7,500 jobs
27 June 2008
Bank of America’s $4-billion acquisition of mortgage lender Countrywide cleared
06 June 2008
Bank of America to exercise portion of China Construction Bank option
28 May 2008
Bank of America’s quarterly profit drops 77 per cent but it still stays in the black
22 April 2008
Bank of America patents innovative technology for corporate cards
04 April 2008
Bank of America, Countrywide to name Sambol to new role
01 February 2008
Bank of America agrees to purchase Countrywide Financial Corp.
11 January 2008
Bank of America to exit broker-led mortgage business, may lend directly
26 October 2007
Bank of America cuts 3,000 jobs
26 October 2007
Bank of America to bring in Rs330 crore for India operation
17 October 2007
LaSalle acquisition costs 4,000 jobs at Bank of America
27 September 2007
Countrywide gets $2 billion capital boost from Bank of America
23 August 2007
Bank of America to double cards business with MBNA acquisition
01 July 2005
IOC to raise Rs 500 crore from Bank of America for expansion
10 November 2003
Bank of Americas Indian unit's profits up
26 June 2002
Bank of America N.A
18 November 1999
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