India 46th in World Bank's global trade logistics performance ranking

Progress in trade logistics performance slowed down over the last two years amid the global recession, but countries that pursued aggressive reforms continued to improve their performance, according to the World Bank's latest survey on trade logistics.

Singapore is the top performer among the 155 economies included in the Logistics Performance Indicators (LPI), which are part of the `Connecting to Compete 2012: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy' report.

The United States is ranked ninth, while Japan occupies the eight spot.

The report said countries like Chile, China, India, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, and the US all improved their previous performance, which is based on a comprehensive world survey of international freight forwarders and express carriers.

India now ranks 46th in global trade logistics performance, whose top five slot are occupied by Singapore, Hong Kong, Finland, Germany and Netherlands in the list of 155 countries.

"Trade logistics is key to economic competitiveness, growth and poverty reduction," Otaviano Canuto, World Bank vice president for Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM), said.