Bank unions to intensify stir for wage settlement, strike work on 7 January

The United Forum of Bank Unions (UBFU) has called for an all-India strike on 7 January in protest against the Indian Banks Association's (IBA) casual attitude and the government's lack of response to the union's demand for an immediate and reasonable wage settlement, the All India Bank Employees' Association general secretary CH Venkatachalam said.

He said the forum has decided to stage protest, including mass demonstration, at all centres on 30 December, ahead of a black badge protest on 5 January 2015, mass demonstrations/procession and rallies the following day and culminating in all-India strike on 7 January.

The forum has decided to further intensify its protest by calling for a four-day continuous strike between 21 and 24 January and indefinite strike from 16 March.

The IBA's direction to banks to revisit the mandate given to it (IBA) is '''nothing but a ploy to delay the wage revision negotiation process,'' Venkatachalam said, adding, ''IBA is sticking to its offer of 11 per cent increase in pay slip component.''

IBA chief Mohan V Tanksale, however, said a settlement has to happen and the IBA is ready to sit and resolve the issue.

''We are willing to negotiate. But 23 per cent increase seems quite unreasonable,'' he said.