Spate of ATM thefts across the world

Stealing ATMs is emerging as a new trend for thieves across the world in 2013. After a spate of ATM thefts in the US over the past few days, thieves in Cambridge in Canada succeeded in hauling a machine full of cash on Sunday.

The thieves tied a fire hose to the ATM and then joined it to their pickup truck and coolly drove away from a Papa Joe's eatery in the Canadian town. The Waterloo regional police scanned footage from the security cameras at the restaurant to identify the thieves, who however, have still not been caught.

Similar incidents have been reported from across the US and amazingly many of the thieves have been successful in their exploits. In Boston, the police are still probing an ATM theft last week, and are clueless as to the modus operandi of the criminals.

An employee at an F1 go-kart racing facility in the city was shocked to find the ATM missing from the facility.

Also last week, a man was arrested in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, after the police found a stolen ATM in his living room. Four men were seen shifting a heavy object to the home of one Curtis David. The ATM, which was located at a coffee bar, contained about $2,600.

A policeman later went to David's home and told him that he was ''a little short on cash'' and asked him if he had an ATM at his home. ''Wow, you guys already know it's in here,'' David told the cop and invited him in. He has been charged, along with three others, with burglary, grand larceny and possession of stolen property.