India to present national climate action plan at Paris summit

29 Sep 2015


India has sought permission to announce its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) on 2 October, Gandhi Jayanti day, though the deadline is 1 October, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, even as he asserted that India's commitment on climate action is second to none.

The Prime Minister said that the emphasis should not be solely on emission caps, but should also be on providing finance and technology for clean energy to the developing countries. He also spoke of his vision for India to produce 175 GigaWatts of renewable energy.

''In India, our measures include not just a plan to add 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022, but a development strategy that will enable us to transition to a more sustainable energy mix. This is an exercise we are undertaking in the spirit of our culture and tradition, but also because of our commitment to the future of this planet.''

The prime minister's assertion was followed by a statement by environment minister Prakash Javadekar that India will be submitting a ''comprehensive and balanced'' Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) on reducing emissions next week, to coincide with the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

''If human intervention has caused climate change, then human instinct and intelligence will bring out solutions,'' PTI quoted Javadekar as saying.

''India will submit its INDCs in Bonn on October 1 and will declare it in New Delhi, just in time for the deadline for nations to submit their commitments and coinciding with Gandhi's anniversary,'' the minister said.

Modi said India and the US share an extraordinary bilateral partnership in the energy sector that focuses on clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency.

We can apply innovation and technology for achieving Sustainable Development Goals, including combating climate change and conserving Nature.

President Barack Obama and I share an uncompromising commitment on climate change, without affecting our ability to meet the development aspirations of humanity, Modi said at the joint press briefing with US President.

We have both set ambitious national agendas.

California symbolises the driving force of Asia-Pacific relationship - youth, technology and innovation – and the natural partnerships of India and America in advancing human progress, Modi said.

Amid the problems that the world faces today and the global challenges that we see ahead, India-US partnership is of great significance for us and our world, he said.

''I also thank President Obama for his positive response to my call for a global public partnership for developing affordable clean energy sources that will enable faster adoption of clean energy across the world.

''We should work together to advance that goal. And, it is equally important to develop mechanisms to ensure that the affordable also become accessible to those who need it the most.

''We look forward to comprehensive and concrete outcome in Paris with a positive agenda on combating climate change, which also focuses on access to finance and technology for the developing world, especially the poor countries and small island states,'' Modi said.

The prime minister thanked President Obama for US support for India's permanent membership of a reformed UN Security Council. He also sought US support to complete the reform process within a fixed time frame.

Modi also complemented the US for continued support for India's membership of the international export control regimes within the targeted time frame.

''Our partnership addresses a broad range of strategic and security concerns.

''Our defence cooperation, including defence trade and training, is expanding. As existing terrorism threats grow and new ones emerge, we have resolved to further deepen cooperation on counter terrorism and radicalism. We have just had a successful cyber security dialogue,'' he said.

''We have agreed to further strengthen our consultation and cooperation on helping the Afghan people combat terrorism and build a peaceful, stable and prosperous future of their nation.''

Modi also welcomed the progress in giving shape to India-US Joint Strategic Vision on Asia, Pacific and Indian Ocean Regions as also their joint engagement with regional partners like Japan to strengthen maritime security cooperation.

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