Carcass of sea monster washes up on New Zealand beach

09 May 2013


The carcass of a 'sea monster' was found washed up at a beach in New Zealand.

A YouTube video showed the half-buried head of the carcass that had jagged teeth and gaping jaws.

Much of the body of the mysterious creature was missing.

The 30-foot long carcass of the mysterious sea creature is seen almost buried under the sand on the New Zealand beach in the Bay of Plenty with its  head and what appeared to be flippers visible.

A close-up of the creature's gaping mouth showed its fearsome jagged teeth. In 2011, a mammoth sea beast measuring 55 feet reprtedly washed up on a beach in Guangdong, China in 2011.

It was found wrapped in fishing lines, and according to locals, fishermen possibly cut it free from their nets as it was too big to haul in.

The weight of the creature had been estimated at  around 4.5 tons. According to marine experts,. Reports of the kind involving gigantic sea creatures have featured in the media on an off.

Such 'blobs' as they are called, are so badly decomposed, the available material does not allow the making a definitive identification.

The coastline is around 120-miles south east from the city of Auckland.

 According to one marine expert, the carcass was that of a killer whale, commonly found around the Bay of Plenty, the location where the beast was found.

Suggestions have also been made that the creature could be a saltwater crocodile, a giant moray eel, a dolphin or a dinosaur.

Photos of the animal have been sent to The New Zealand Department of Conservation and Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium have been sent photographs of the creature for identification.

According to marine mammal expert Anton van Helden, who rejected all these ideas and who spoke to New Zealand's Channel 3, the creature's fin structure was similar to that of a killer whale.

Killer whales are commonly found in and around Fiji and the Bay of Plenty.

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