Arizonians reject Trump’s proposed US-Mexico wall

25 Oct 2016


Nearly half of Arizona residents think Republican nominee Donald Trump's proposed wall on the southern US border would be a waste of money, according to a new Reuters/Ispos poll.

In the survey, just 34 per cent of those polled thought the wall would serve as an effective barrier to keep out illegal immigrants, while 47 per cent said they thought it would be a waste of money.

Among Republicans, 21 per cent thought it would be a waste while 57 per cent said they thought it would be effective.

The poll also revealed that most Arizonians also did not think that it was realistic to believe that Mexico would pay for the wall.

The poll's results reflected nationwide sentiment of Trump's proposed wall.

Reuters reported that 49 per cent of US adults said a wall would be a waste of money while only 31 per cent said it would be an effective barrier.

Trump had held on to the proposition throughout his entire presidential campaign and for the majority of his candidacy said Mexico would pay for it, whether it liked it or not.

In case Mexico did not comply, Trump said in April, his administration would confiscate money from immigrants who sent money back to their families back home.

However, Trump appeared to change positions during a major speech on Saturday and said that the US would pay for the wall and Mexico would later ''reimburse'' the full cost.

Trump's proposed wall would cost taxpayers around $25 billion according to fact check from the Washington Post, despite his claims that it would not cost more than $12 billion.

"As big and powerful, as rich as this nation is, we cannot just leave the door open," said Tony Estrada, Santa Cruz county sheriff, who had served in law enforcement in the border county for 49 years, Reuters reported. "But, we need a realistic and humane process. Donald Trump is … catering to people's fear."

Arizona has voted Democrat only once in a presidential election since 1952.

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