BIS to meet on groundwater

New Delhi: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has said that it will be convening a meeting on 18 August in which norms are likely to be passed for groundwater that will be the input material for soft drinks.

"This is a follow-up of the discussion in which the packaged water issue had come up. We have already scheduled a meeting for fixing norms for the groundwater that will be the raw material for soft drinks," says a BIS official.

BIS comes under the Indian ministry of food and consumer affairs and is the body that provides ISI certification for bottled water.

The health ministry, under which the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act comes, said it is likely that the finished norms for bottled water in terms of pesticide residue will form the norms for the raw material going into soft drinks certified (See ).

It has pointed out that there are no norms for the water being used by the soft drink companies. "All that is said in the regulations is that potable water be used. There is no definition of what potable water is," says the official.