NHAI invites bids for 8 NH stretches in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar and West Bengal

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has invited bids for Second Bundle of national highways under the toll-operate-transfer (TOT) model. The bundle consists of eight stretches of national highways in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar and West Bengal, covering 586.552 km 

These eight road stretches have 12 toll plazas. The bid due date is 5 November 2018.
Concessionaires have been asked to quote bid concession fee against NHAI's estimated initial estimated concession value (IECV) of Rs5,362 crore. TOT bundle-II also involves initial construction cost of Rs929 crore. 
The total contract period of TOT is for 30 years, which may increased or lowered by 10 / 5 years based on increase / decrease in traffic. The concessionaire would be required to maintain and operate the stretch during this period.  In lieu of this, the concessionaire would get the rights to collect user fee for this period, in accordance with prescribed fee rates under NH Fee Rules.
For TOT Bundle-I of 648 km, Sydney-based Macquarie Group had quoted highest amount as 1.5 times against the NHAI IECV of approx $1 billion (Rs6,258 crore). The highest bid by Macquarie Group was approximately $1.5 billion, which won it the right to collect toll on nine selected national highway stretches for 30 years against an upfront payment to the government.