Draft of CMP finalised, to be released today

New Delhi: The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) yesterday finalised the common minimum programme (CMP) which will be made public today. Sonia Gandhi has been elected as the chairperson of the UPA.

According to sources there was "broad consensus" on the CMP at the meeting of UPA leaders. The Left leaders said that they were satisfied with the consensus arrived at the meeting on various issues. "By and large we would consider and endorse the CMP," CPI (M) leader, Mr Sitaram Yechuri, said.

The Left parties had sought several changes in the draft CMP, including broadening of the list of PSUs which would not be privatised. While the draft CMP had mentioned certain large PSUs which broadly fell under the Navratna category where no privatisation would take place, the Left has sought that the list be widened to include even non-navratna PSUs which were profit-making.

A note prepared by the CPI (M) for the meeting had also called for a deletion of reference made to public-private partnership in infrastructure.

"There should be a clear commitment not to privatise profitable public sector units and those in the core sector, apart from the navratnas. The reference to public-private partnership in infrastructure etc. need not be there," the note said.

Earlier during the day, the CPI (M) has said that it would not sign the CMP, but would extend its support to the consensus that is arrived at.