Economic Survey : 2005-06
Review of Developments

Public Finance

Monetary and Banking Developments

Securities Markets

Prices and Food Management

External Sector




Social Sectors

Pictorial View

Statistical Tables

1. National Income and Production

2. Budgetary Transactions

3. Employment

4. Monetary Trends

5. Prices

6. Balance of Payments

7. Foreign Trade

7.1 Exports, Imports and Trade Balance (A and B)
7.2(A) Principal Imports
7.2(B) Share and Percentage Change of Major Imports
7.3(A) Principal Exports
7.3(B) Share and Percentage Change of Major Exports
7.4(A) Direction of Imports : Imports by Regions and Countries
7.4(B) Direction of Exports : Exports by Regions and Countries
7.5 India''s Share in World Exports by Commodity Divisions and Groups
7.6 Index Numbers of Foreign Trade

8. External Assistance

9. Human Development Indicators

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