Serious on healthcare

Sam Santhosh, founder and chairman, MedGenome:

A long-awaited relief for the rural and lower middle class. With rising medical costs it was impossible for certain sections of society to even afford life-saving drugs. It's a welcome step to reach and penetrate even remote areas with limited healthcare access.

Building an efficient healthcare system seems to be high on the agenda for the present government. We need more trained doctors and that too specialists catering to the rural areas, by increasing the additional 5,000 post graduate seats per annum the government has shown its intent to transform the healthcare and its determination to eradicate diseases like Kala Azar, filariasis, leprosy, measles and tuberculosis (TB) and bring down the infant mortality and maternal mortality is really applaudable.

Assimilating disease information to senior citizen's Aadhar card is a good way to understand the disease demographics in India. I am happy to state that the present budget satisfactorily promises the best to the people. This should garner positive result in the coming days.