GNCTD Act gives centre better grip on Delhi administration

The Government of National Capital Territory (GNCTD) Amendment Act, 2021 has come into force after being passed by the Lok Sabha on 22 March 2021, by the Rajya Sabha on 24 March 2021, and after the President of India gave his assent to the bill on 28 Narch 2021.  The Amendment Act has the effect of amending Sections 21, 24, 33 and 44 of the Act.

The amendment seeks to make the Act more relevant to the needs of the national capital; further define the responsibilities of the elected government and the Lt Governor (LG); and, create a harmonious relationship between the legislature and the executive.  The amendment would ensure better governance in the NCT of Delhi and lead to improved implementation of schemes and programmes meant for the common people of Delhi, a government release stated.
The amendments are consistent with the existing legal and constitutional provisions, and are in line with the judgements of the Supreme Court dated 4 July 2018 and 14 February 2019. It added.
Further, the release said the amendments to the GNCTD Act, 1991, in no way alter the constitutional and legal responsibilities of the elected government to take necessary action, in respect of the subjects transferred to them in the State and Concurrent Lists of the Constitution of India, including subjects such as health, education, etc.