Karnataka CM warns police against planned mass leave

As Karnataka's rank-and-file police personnel plan to go on mass leave on 4 June in protest against alleged harassment and less pay, Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday warned against any act of "indiscipline" by the force.

Siddaramaiah chaired a meeting of the home department and police officials and asked the force not to get instigated, saying there should not be any room for indiscipline.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, he said, "A non-recognised organisation has called for protest by police on 4 June by going on one day mass leave. The police department is a disciplined organisation. It is a department that has the responsibility of protecting public life and property, so there should not be any room for indiscipline.

"If there is any act of indiscipline, government will take it seriously and will take strict action against them," he said.

An organisation called Akhila Karnataka Police Maha Sangha is spearheading the stir led by V Shashidhar, who is its founder-president and a suspended police person.

Asking police personnel to discuss their demand with the government, Siddaramaiah said, "The government will be open-minded on this. If the demands are just we are ready to fulfil them. All issues can be solved through discussion."

Requesting police not to participate in the protest, he said, "If you participate, it will be indiscipline. We have complete faith in our police force. There has never been indiscipline. Even now they will not indulge in any indiscipline by going on mass leave.''