Old plan panel HQ being hectically revamped to welcome NITI

Within hours of the government announcing a new body, the NITI Ayog, to replace the venerable Planning Commission, staff at the Yojana Bhawan, the headquarters of the dismantled plan panel, were preparing hectically to welcome new vice-chairman and other members who are likely to be appointed shortly.

The landmark sign board in front of Yojana Bhawan has been repainted as Niti Aayog and rooms to seat the senior functionaries are being decked up, reports PTI.

The newly set-up Niti Aayog is likely to go full throttle as early as next week, they added.

The formation of Niti Aayog has ended the uncertainty among the Yojana Bhavan staff.

They were almost without work since the resignation of the Planning Commission's Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia and other members in May last year and later the announcement that the 65-year-old body would be disbanded.

The Aayog will have a vice-chairman and five full time members who are likely to join next week following the announcement of their appointment shortly.

The inclusion of chief ministers and lieutenant governors is a break with the past.

The body will also have a chief executive officer and two part-time members, while four union ministers would serve as ex-officio members.