Naval Commander's conference to be held on 08 May at New Delhi

The first edition of this year’s bi-annual Naval commander’s conference has been scheduled from 8 to 11 May. 

The conference is aimed at enabling the Navy to review its new mission-based deployments philosophy aimed at ensuring peace and stability in the region. 
The new deployment philosophy aims at sustained, peaceful and a responsive presence of Indian Naval ships in critical areas and choke points.
The Navy’s focus over the past year has been on 'combat efficiency and materiel readiness', and upkeep of its large fleet of 131 ships and submarines. 
Various measures taken to improve combat efficiency, including the new 'transition cycle' for ships to transition from maintenance periods through a training phase and from there to full scale operations will be examined at the conference.
An overhaul of the training standards of units by revamping the ‘ship operating standards' (SHOPS) is also underway. The new SHOPS, set to be unveiled shortly, focuses on role-based training in realistic scenarios and sets standards to be met by units and also targets individual crew proficiency levels.
the Naval commanders will take the opportunity to deliberate on steps to improve the teeth-to-tail ratio and new areas such as artificial Intelligence and big data analytics.  
The Indian Navy has been the flag-bearer of the indigenisation efforts and 27 ships and submarines are currently under construction in various Indian shipyards, including the first indigenous aircraft carrier Vikrant. 
The Navy has put in place a 15-year indigenisation plan from 2015-30, which has laid down our plans for the next 15 years, whoich would help private sector suppiers to formulate strategies to meet the requirements of the Navy through the new strategic partnership model, notified on 17 May, and domestic R&D. 
Thisw is aimed at enhancing indigenous defence industrial capability extending up to the micro small and medium enterprises.