PM dedicates INS Kalvari to the nation

14 December 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today dedicated the naval submarine INS Kalvari, the most powerful naval vessel to have been built in India, to the nation, at a function in Mumbai.

Presiding over the commissioning of Scorpene-class submarine INS Kalvari into the Indian Navy in the morning today, the prime minister called it a shining example of 'Make in India'.

''This is the perfect example of 'Make in India'. I wish to congratulate every worker, every employee whose sweat is involved in the creation of Kalvari,'' Modi said in his speech.

He described the submarine as an excellent illustration of the fast growing strategic partnership between India and France. He said the INS Kalvari will add even more strength to the Indian Navy, he said.

Construction of the submarine, designated as MDL Yard 11875, commenced with the first cutting of steel at MDL on 14 December 2006. The vessel was formally handed over to the Indian Navy, on completion of trials, by MDL on 31 September 2017 before commissioning.

With an overall length of 67.5 metres and a height of about 12.3 metres, INS Kalvari embodies cutting-edge technology making it a potent Man o' War capable of undertaking offensive operations spanning across the entire spectrum of maritime warfare.

The hull form, the fin and the hydroplanes are specifically designed to produce minimum underwater resistance. Her 360 battery cells (each weighing 750 kg) power the extremely silent permanently magnetised propulsion motor. Her stealth is further enhanced through the mounting of equipment inside the pressure hull on shock absorbing cradles.

The boat's undersea warfare capability comprises a cluster of advanced weapons and sensors integrated into the Submarine Tactical Integrated Combat System (SUBTICS). The sonar suite is Low Frequency Analysis and Ranging (LOFAR) capable enabling long rage detection and classification. Post classification, she may choose to engage the enemy by utilising either the sea skimming SM 39 EXOCET missiles (Flying Fish in French) or the heavy weight wire guided Surface and Underwater Target (SUT) torpedoes. Towards self-defence, she is fitted with mobile C303/S anti-torpedo decoys.

The boat's attack and search periscopes are equipped with Infrared/ Low Light Level cameras and laser range finders. The boat also has her two 1250 kW MAN diesel engines for rapidly charging batteries. The submarine boasts of a highly advanced combat management system and a sophisticated Integrated Platform Management System.

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