Russian nuke sub meant for India concludes third stage of trials news
24 September 2009

Khabarovsk: The Russian Akula-II class Nerpa nuclear attack submarine, set to be commissioned in the Indian Navy sometime later this year, has successfully completed the third phase of sea trials, the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory said on Wednesday.

"The submarine is in a good state of readiness and there is confidence that it will be commissioned on time," governor Vyacheslav Shport said.

The vessel resumed sea trials on 10 July in the Sea of Japan following extensive repairs and began the second phase on 31 July. The submarine suffered a fatal accident last year November when accidental switching on of fire safety equipment resulted in the deaths of Russian Navy and shipyard personnel.

Following repairs the submarine was cleared for final sea trials. It will eventually be commissioned into the Russian Navy before being leased to the Indian Navy by the end of the year.

It is surmised that the submarine will be commissioned as INS Chakra into the Indian Navy, the same name as carried by a preceding nuclear-powered Charlie-class submarine leased by the Indian Navy from Russia in the1980s.

India has reportedly paid $650 million for a 10-year lease of the 12,000-ton K-152 Nerpa, an Akula II class nuclear-powered attack submarine. These are acknowledged as one of the deadliest attack submarines prowling the world's oceans.

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Russian nuke sub meant for India concludes third stage of trials