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TCS''s new software development toolnews
12 October 1999
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TCS has launched MasterCraft, a comprehensive software development tool for the execution and management of large software development projects efficiently.

MasterCraft can automate the process of generation of code for large software development projects running into millions of lines of code. This software automates the design and construction functions in the software development process involving generation of code. This enhances productivity by a factor of 4 to 5 compared to manual coding, according to TCS. It is useful in complex application development projects and makes the client free of obsolescent platforms. It is aimed at large software companies, IT departments, insurance, finance and core sector companies that need to cope with technology changes.

MasterCraft works across multiple platforms and technologies. It is compatible over different hardware, operating system and database. It can work in C++, Java, Tuxedo, CICS, IBM mainframes, Windows NT, Linux and Solaris.

The global market is estimated to be about $ 5-8 billion for this type of software and has about five large players. TCS terms it as the world's only industrial strength component based object oriented development environment. A typical installation of MasterCraft costs about $150,000.

TCS has been using this software in its projects over the last four to five years and has now decided to package and sell it in the open market. TCS's CEO S. Ramadurai explained that this move was to let even the competition use this product, and gain a crucial market share first, rather than have to use the competitors' products later.

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TCS''s new software development tool