Tata Motors to shut down its Pune, Lucknow plants for six days

Mumbai: Tata Motors Ltd, the country's largest automobile maker, today said it will shut down its commercial vehicle plants in Pune and Lucknow for six days during this month due to slump in demand.

''As has been seen in the month of October 2008 across the industry, unavailability of finance coupled with high interest rates is forcing customers to postpone purchases,'' the company said in a website release.

''Different segments of the automobile industry have been impacted to different levels,' it said.

''This will call for appropriate action from Tata Motors, from time to time, to match production with demand and avoid unnecessary build-up of inventory in the company or with the company's dealers,'' it added.

The announcement comes a day after it announced plans to briefly shut down its heavy commercial vehicles plant in Jamshedpur.

Tata Motors appeared to be mulling a similar closure of its passenger vehicle plant in Pune which produces the New Indica Vista cars.

The Pune passenger car plant is working normally.