Satyam ties-up with Chinese software firm

Satyam Computer Services Ltd has entered into a "strategic partnership" with a leading provider of new generation insurance core software solutions, eBaoTech. eBaoTech, based in China, is an expert in developing insurance packages for the life and non-life segments.

The two companies will work together marketing eazch other's solutions and services globally. eBaoTech's strong package coupled with the Satyam 's market reach and service offerings in integration and implementation backed and domain will enable the two companies leverage each other's strengths.

"ebaoTech's modem and flexible architecture coupled with Satyam's global footprints, delivery capability in services and system integration skills creates a unique capability for rapid implementation and dramatic reduction of total cost," says Ravi Bommakanti senior vice president and director and head, insurance, Satyam Computer Services

Satyam will tap APAC and Europe to expand its business opportunities, through the partnership, and expects significant growth in the vertical. It currently has the single largest insurance customer base in India.