Siemens Healthcare to acquire healthcare technology company MobileMD

Siemens Healthcare yesterday said that it will acquire US-based MobileMD Inc., a healthcare technology company that connects physicians and hospitals through cloud computing.

Siemens Healthcare did not disclose the terms of the transaction.

MobileMD has been active in the health information exchange space since 2005.

The company markets its cloud-based 4D HIE software, which allows doctors and hospitals to share near real-time information in four dimensions: care, service, economics and technology - providing physicians with secure, clinical and administrative information regardless of location, affiliation, EMR technology or vendor.

MobileMD's cloud-deployed HIE service is used by more than 110 hospitals and more than 2,000 physician practices. It also allows physician's to maintain their preferred ambulatory health IT solution, hospitals connect even more doctors with valuable patient data, such as laboratory results, imaging results and discharge notes.

The solution reduces providers' reliance on paper, phone and faxed information, and can lead to fewer duplicative or unavailable patient records and improved utilisation.