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RPG Life unveils nephrocare pharma division news
24 September 2002
Mumbai: RPG Life Sciences (RPGLS), a leading Indian pharmaceutical company, has announced the launch of its new division, Nephrocare, to focus on the fast-growing, specialised nephrocare pharma market in India.

This new division is the third such specialised division at RPGLS along with Acumed and Sertec divisions, which focus on the antibiotics and cardiac markets, respectively.

RPGLS is a leading player in the Rs 90-crore nephrocare market with its highly trusted formulation, Azoran. The company's nephrocare division will now support the second major offering in this segment called Arpimune ME, a drug used after kidney transplantation.

RPGLS vice-president (pharmaceuticals) Yugal Sikri says: "Our nephrocare division will only help in strengthening the relationship with the medical community and provide better service to the patients. We expect the growing nephrocare portfolio to become a large contributor to our bulk and formulations business shortly."

India currently imports the cyclosporine-based drug. RPGLS's product Arpimune ME, being an indigenously developed product, provides savings of up to Rs 40,000 per year while treating renal patients - a huge 40-per cent saving on the total treatment cost.

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RPG Life unveils nephrocare pharma division