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Reliance relaunches Vimal with a new look and more offerings news
23 October 2007
Mumbai: Iconic textile brand from the Reliance stable, Vimal, was re-launched with a new look, logo and offering.

With the re-launch, Reliance says the first Indian textile brand that was popular with millions is once again back with contemporary products that will appeal to the consumers in a relevant, modern and contemporary manner.

According to the company, the new logo displays a new spirit of openness, by breaking free from the oblong. The minimalist lettering and styling convey this new open spirit and are also in line with the new fashion thinking of clean and bold lines.

Vimal says this form and style of the logo also makes it more appealing and relevant to the youth. The innovative logo design is in tune with Vimal''s core strategy of ''premium, innovative products that will delight consumers''.

The overall brand colour has been retained as red, given Vimal''s heritage, and given that red is a rich colour of celebration and warmth for Indians.

In its earlier years, Vimal had the status of being a brand that embodied ''fashion for everyone'' through its wide range of fabrics. The new logo of Vimal takes off from this heritage and the DNA of the brand, to contemporise its ubiquitous appeal.

The core quality of ''fashion for everyone'' will now be highlighted in a contemporary and trendy manner.

Vimal already hosts a wide range of men''s fabrics. Now post the re-launch, the company says Vimal will be available with a lot more youth appeal, through ready-to-wear apparel.

According to a press release by the company, Vimal will launch a range of men''s apparel to suit every well-groomed man''s wardrobe, including shirts, trousers, suits and jackets, designed in keeping with Vimal''s strategy of ''premium, innovative products that will delight consumers''.

These apparels would come to market in three sub-brands that appeal to distinct sections of Vimal''s male audience, as follows:

1. Vimal Red: This sub-brand would have a range of apparel with popular pricing, and would appeal to a wide segment of the men''s wear market; both at the popular level as well the younger age groups. For the present, this range of apparel would have basic formals to suit everyday wearing occasions.

2. Vimal White: A premium and trendy range of apparel, this sub-brand would enjoy premium pricing, and would appeal to those who would like to cut a trendy image. The sub-brand will carry a distinctive range of formals with innovations in dressing ensures that the ''trendy'' appeal of the range comes through.

3. Vimal Black: This is the top-of-the-line sub-brand that retails only exclusive finely crafted apparel, designed in the Italian fashion under the tutelage of Italy''s well-known fashion designer, Maurizio Bonas. This line of super-premium apparel appeals to those who wish to convey a statement of luxury and elegance.

These sub-brands would be available in the exclusive Vimal stores and in all the other stores carrying the Vimal line.

Vimal Black would only be available at the exclusive Vimal stores, a number of which will be opened shortly.

Vimal also plans to offer a whole new retailing experience through its new exclusive outlets, which are being transformed in-line with its new identity. These exclusive stores will reflect the bold new spirit of Vimal through their new décor, designs and layout, and will offer top-of-the-line customer shopping experiences and facilities, such as custom tailoring and styling.

Commenting on the unveiling of the brand, Nita Ambani congratulated all the members of the Vimal team for "outstanding teamwork". Nita Ambani has been involved with all aspects relating to the re-launch, store design, branding and customer experience in Vimal re-launch programme.

She added, "We are all very proud of this moment of reviving the Vimal brand which I am sure will once regain the market leadership it enjoyed and top-of-the-mind recall."

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Reliance relaunches Vimal with a new look and more offerings