REVA introduces next generation electric cars

New Delhi: India's first electric car maker Bangalore-based Reva Electric Car Company (RECC) has flagged off the advance technology next generation REVA cars to join the nationwide Indian Climate Solutions Road Tour in Bangalore.

These cars will be powered by the next generation lithium ion batteries. In addition they will have solar power panels to harness sun's energy and further increase the range. The proprietary energy management system manages the flow of energy efficiently increasing the range to 150km – 200km per charge.

''We take this opportunity to showcase our advanced technology as well as how EVs can be a viable transport option to battle environmental issues," said Chetan Maini, founder & chief technology officer, RECC. "REVA is happy to be associated with the Indian Youth Climate Network and hope that it succeeds in spreading awareness of going green as well as showcase the power of EVs.''

Indian Youth Climate Network, a group of dynamic individuals from across India and around the world have launched on a journey across the country to highlight India's local eco-solutions as well as empower the youth on one of the greatest challenges of our time: global climate change.

Equipped with three solar plug-in electric REVA vehicles and a solar powered music band called Solar Punch, these inspired youth powered by their passion for the future will depart from Bangalore to their other destinations today.

Reva Electric Car Companyis a joint venture between Maini Group of India and AEV LLC of California and venture-backed by US investors Global Environment Fund and Draper Fischer Jurveston.

A technology innovator from India, Reva was the first company worldwide to successfully commercialise electric carsand sells or test markets its range of electric cars in 18 countries across Europe and Asia and has the largest deployed fleet of electric cars in the market with over 2,500 EVs on the road that have logged in an estimated 50 million kilometes of user experience.