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Oracle's 3 new e-business solutions for telecomnews
29 June 1999
Oracle Corporation, the world's leading supplier of software for information and database management, announced details of three new e-business solutions - collectively named Oracle
Communications Solutions 3i - at CommunicAsia99. Oracle Communications Solutions 3i integrates telecommunications and Internet technologies to address the specialised needs of communications companies in the Asia Pacific market. The markets in these countries are among the most vibrant and growing ones in the industry.

These applications will strengthen Oracle's core Internet and e-commerce business and further reinforce its 85 per cent database leadership share in the Asia Pacific telecommunications industry. Oracle Communications Solutions 3i complements the current suite of Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications (Oracle Applications).

It includes Oracle CRM 3i, which is a customer relationship management application, Oracle SEM 3i, which is a strategic enterprise management package, and Oracle SDP 3i, a service delivery platform.

Oracle solutions are fast being adopted across the board by players in the telecom industry, including telecommunications carriers and equipment manufacturers.

Telecommunications is Oracle's second largest vertical sector. Given the expanding number of telecom companies in the Asia Pacific region and the fact that this business leverages vertically into related sectors such as utilities and telecom equipment, Oracle expects communications to continue to be one of its largest and fastest-growing core businesses.

Last year, Oracle won contracts frmo the majority of telecommunications start-ups in the US. It also closed business deals with high-growth start-ups in Germany, Greece, Turkey, France, Britain, and Canada. In the Asia Pacific, it won major deals in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia, and has worked with major communications companies such as AT&T, Nextel and Telia (Sweden).

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Oracle's 3 new e-business solutions for telecom