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Search continues for ONGC charter vessel crewnews
10 July 2007

Chennai: The Indian Navy has joined the search for eight missing crew of the ONGC charter vessel Samudrika 10 that sank in the Bombay High area afternoon.

According to a press release issued by Sical Limited that operates and maintains ONGC''s offshore supply vessel, one helicopter and three offshore supply vessels and one multi support vessel all belonging to ONGC, one aircraft of Indian Coast Guard and two vessels of British Gas have been deployed in the search and rescue operations.

Union petroleum minister Murli Deora has arranged with the defence ministry for an additional naval helicopter have the Navy to join the rescue operations. All platforms, rigs and vessels of ONGC in the area have been advised to keep a close watch during the night. Maritime searches are usually conducted for a minimum of 72 hours.

Of the 17 crew on board the Samudrika 10 nine were rescued and brought back to Mumbai after receiving first aid and Sical has taken charge of the rescued crew.

Senior ONGC officers and Sical''s project officials rushed to the accident site to oversee the search and rescue operations.Samudrika 10 was deployed 56 nautical miles from Mumbai. The 1986 built offshore supply vessel was taken over by Sical early this month from Shipping Corporation of India as part of operations and maintenance contract from ONGC.

Yesterday afternoon the vessel was on standby mode due to bad weather waiting for transfer of cargo to ONGC''s drilling rig Sagar Gaurav operating in Bassein and ONGC''s Satellite field.

In the morning while the vessel was cruising, it the duty officer on bridge duty received a steering flood alarm. Captain Singh decided to anchor the vessel off Sagar Gaurav to control the flooding. Attempts by the ship crew to enter steering flat failed owing to bad weather, heavy swell and casing cargo on the deck.

Through the entire period the captain and senior officers were on the bridge of the vessel maintaining in constant touch with Nhava Radio. At about 0930 hours the vessel picked up anchor and started drifting and awaiting a tow vessel. The Nand Panna arrived at about 1145 hours and started towing the Samudrika 10. Within ten minutes the Samudrika 10 started listing on the starboard side and the tow was disconnected. At about 1235 hours the vessel started to sink by stern.

The vessel sank from the stern and could not be brought back to normal position due to unexpected shifting of heavy cargo and aggravated weather conditions.

Sical says the vessel sailed out of ONGC''s Nhava Supply base, on 6th July in full sea worthy condition and complied with all requisite certification as required. Samudrika 10 had completed its last statutory dry dock in February 2006 and was due for the next one in November 2008.

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Search continues for ONGC charter vessel crew