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Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks enter into patent license agreement with Huawei news
29 September 2008

Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks has announced a patent license agreement with Chinse telecom products maker Huawei and its affiliate.

The comprehensive agreement covers the worldwide use of all standards essential patents of all parties, including GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000, optical networking, datacom and WiMAX in mobile devices, infrastructure and services.

"Huawei is the 35th company to license Nokia patents related to cellular standards and this agreement demonstrates how companies can license intellectual property in a way that encourages industry innovation and fosters a healthy IPR environment," said Ilkka Rahnasto, vice president, intellectual property rights, Nokia. 

For Nokia Siemens Networks, a newer player in the telecoms IPR environment, this is its most significant licensing agreement to date. "It will help to create a more predictable business environment and further supports our goal of industry innovation," said Gottfried Weidel, head of intellectual property rights. 

"This agreement is of great significance and benefit to Huawei, Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks" said Song Liuping, vice president and chief legal officer, Huawei. "It underscores our commitment to create a harmonious environment for the benefit and development of the telecom industry."

Nokia has built one of the strongest and broadest IPR portfolios in the wireless industry, which has catapulted it as the industry leader in wireless innovation and the development of GSM and WCDMA technologies, with close to 35 billion in research and development since the early '90s that has enabled it to acquire patent portfolio in approximately 300 GSM, 370 WCDMA and 170 CDMA2000 declared essential patent families.

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Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks enter into patent license agreement with Huawei