Piramal Healthcare acquires PlasmaSelect's polygeline product Haemaccel

Piramal Group's pharmaceutical arm Piramal Healthcare yesterday said it was acquring the polygeline-based blood plasma products marketed under the ''Haemaccel'' brand from German pharmaceutical firm PlasmaSelect AG for €7.7 million in cash for the brand rights, contracts, registrations, dossiers and know-how relating to Haemaccel and associated brands, but excludes PlasmaSelect's manufacturing facility at Marburg in Germany.

PlasmaSelect sells the product under the Haemaccel brand in over 38 countrie and under the brand name ''Emagel'' in Italy and ''Solucel'' in Venezuela.

In 1998, Piramal Healthcare bought Haemaccel-related business in the Indian market along with the manufacturing facility in Mumbai from Sanofi-Aventis, the originator company of Haemaccel. In 2004, Sanofi-Aventis sold its Haemaccel-related rights in 76 countries and its manufacturing facility at Marburg, Germany, to PlasmaSelect AG.

The Indian company currently markets the products under the brand name ''Haemaccel'' in India and under the brand name ''Haemageline'' in 17 other countries. The total yearly revenues of Haemaccel and associated brands of Piramal Healthcare and PlasmaSelect together are €9.1 million, at current exchange rates.

The polygeline range will be under Piramal Healthcare's 'global critical care' business division, which markets a range of important hospital pharmaceuticals, including Halothane / Isoflurane inhalation anaesthetics.  Its customers include hospitals, doctors, independent laboratories and patients Piramal Healthcare said the acquisition is intended to add to its polygeline-based blood plasma expansion products and strengthens its global critical care business.

Blood plasma expansion products are life-saving infusion pharmaceuticals that help maintain blood plasma volume until blood transfusion can be administered to the patient, in the event of blood loss. These products also serve a range of other critical care needs in hospitals and critical care facilities.