Monsanto opens biotech research center in China

Monsanto Company today announced the opening of its first research center in China,  extending its global reach through technology collaborations in the country.

"The Monsanto Biotechnology Research Center in Zhongguancun, Beijing, will strengthen the company's ties with Chinese research institutions in plant biotechnology and genomics," Monsanto said in a release.

The company expects the new research center to help it to double yields in its core crops by 2030, compared to a base year of 2000, while reducing the amount of inputs required per unit produced by a third.

Monsanto said it currently invests more than $2 million a day in research in order to meet this commitment globally.

The Beijing research center will participate in early-stage bioinformatics and genomics research, and serve as a base for collaborations with Chinese scientists. Monsanto also has research centers in the US, Brazil and India.

"Monsanto has made a commitment to collaborate with Chinese scientists on advanced biotech and breeding technology," said Stephen Padgette, vice president of biotechnology for Monsanto. "Monsanto has made a commitment to develop advanced biotech and breeding technology to China. The establishment of the center will give Chinese researchers access to our global research network and to our industry-leading product development pipeline," he added.