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Aashish Chanana launches Media Factory news
Our Corporate Bureau
18 September 2003
Aashish Chanana and Dr. Charanjit ChananaMumbai: Aiming to manage the entire value chain of the film industry, Aashish Chanana and Dr. Charanjit Chanana have launched their new company, Media Factory.

Media Factory looks forward to producing at least 5 feature films every year catering to Indian as well as foreign audiences.

Speaking on the occasion, Aashish Chanana, MD, said, "Media Factory represents the new face of the Indian film industry that is geared to spearhead a radical departure from traditional cinema, and is aimed at a broad audience both in India and abroad".

Targeting audiences both in India and abroad, Media Factory has developed its first 5 projects in a variety of genres and is devoted to creating innovative, engaging high-quality films that will be commercially viable.

Aashish ChananaThe company has put in place teams of experts for overseeing the publicity, promotion and distribution aspects in the Indian and overseas markets.

Lintertainment will do the handling of the marketing arm.

'Crossover' films being the flavour of the season, the returns on the investment for such films are far more secure and risk free with a higher potential for critical success.

Addressing the press Dr. Charanjit Chanana, chairman, Media Factory and former minister for industries and a member of parliament from the Delhi constituency, said," We are focused on achieving cost savings while increasing production quality, by applying some of our risk free business techniques and technology development techniques in filmmaking".

The first project, 'Dreams', is scheduled for release in February 2004.

The story follows a young director's attempt to create a star of an ordinary young girl, his trials, joys and hopes for her. With an unusual story and the honest portrayal of human emotions, the company promises to deliver entertainment with a twist.

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Aashish Chanana launches Media Factory