Suzuki committed to India, says Osamu Suzuki

Suzuki Motor Corp chairman Osamu Suzuki reiterated the Japanese car maker remained  committed to its India investments even as he expressed concern over the inordinate delay in identifying the cause for violence at the Manesar plant of its subsidiary Maruti Suzuki.

''In any case Japan's Suzuki has no plans to withdraw from India nor to stop production at Manesar. We are here for the last 30 years,'' Suzuki told newspersons  after his meetings with chief Minsters of Haryana and Gujarat since his arrival in India on 22 August.

He said while he was concerned over the time being taken to find out the reason for the 18 July violence at Manesar that killed a senior executive of the company and injured 100 others, it was the responsibility of the Haryana police probe the matter fully.

''I asked Maruti Suzuki management - isn't it taking it too long to find out the reasons? 12 executive members of the union have been arrested…it is impossible for Maruti Suzuki to get in touch with them. We have no information,'' he said.

Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) has earmarked Rs2,600 crore for a new diesel plant, expansion of capacities as also R&D activities in Haryana. The company is also investing Rs 4,000 crore in Gujarat for a new plant.

Reiterating that violence was not acceptable, Suzuki said ''we are internally trying to find out if workers were dissatisfied. In case we find any such problem, we will take counter measures''.