Hectic parleys on to resolve Maruti dispute news
20 October 2011

The management of Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) and its workers' unions are engaged in hectic parleys after the labour department of the Haryana government brokered talks on Wednesday.

The strike at Maruti's Manesar plant entered the 14th day on Thursday, with no signs of a breakthrough, despite the efforts of the state government to bring the two sides together.

The major points of differences revolve around the reinstatement of 44 workers who were sacked at the Manesar plant and the recognition of a new union by the management. The latter has refused to compromise on these two aspects.

Workers at MSI's Gurgaon unit have also been on strike in support of the demands of their colleagues at Manesar. Similarly, employees at the Suzuki Powertrain India - which supplies diesel engines and transmissions - and Suzuki Motorcycle India, are also on strike in support of the Manesar workers.

But the management has ensured partial production at both the Gurgaon and Manesar plants with the help of loyal employees. MSI claimed that the Gurgaon plant produced 1,650 cars on Wednesday, as against a normal production of 2,800 vehicles. At Manesar, about 200 cars were produced on Wednesday, as against a normal daily production of 1,200 units.

RC Bhargava, chairman of MSI, was hopeful that the issues would be resolved over the next four to five days. "We have been talking to them for the last three days," said Bhargava. "We keep talking as a solution to these things takes some time. I cannot say when, but I can hope that the issues will be solved in the next four to five days."

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Hectic parleys on to resolve Maruti dispute