Maruti's Manesar plant workers asked to sign good conduct bond

Auto major Maruti Suzuki has barred workers at its Manesar plant from entering the company premises unless they signed a "Good Conduct Bond" even as production at the Manesar plant continued to remain low.

Maruti Suzuki said it had come to the notice of the management that workers were deliberately not producing components of the desired quality and quantity.

Around 63 permanent workers had signed the 'good conduct bond' and 950 workers were yet to sign.

According to Maruti Suzuki chairman RC Bhargava, the company could not start full production till the workers were ready. He added they would have to sign the bond.

He was speaking at the annual convention of the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association's (ACMA).

Production at the Manesar plant came to a halt yesterday, following the dismissal of 5 permanent workers and suspension of 26 permanent workers by the company. The company also terminated the services of 18 trainees on charges of deficiencies in both production and quality of output.