Maruti launches India's first A2 automatic with A-star automatic

India's largest pasenger car maker, Maruti Suzuki says it is introducing the automatic variant of its most fuel-efficient car, the A-star. It said the utomatic version was aimed at the growing number of medium to large city customers looking for automatic hatchbacks, which are limited in number at present.

"The A-star automatic customer will be able to enjoy an enhanced 360 degree driving experience," it aid in a sttement. "The 4-speed automatic transmission will help drivers glide effortlessly through city traffic, without gear shifts and also superior fuel efficiency of 17 km / litre." 

The A-star automatic is powered by suzuki's 998cc K-series engine equipped with advanced A-shift technology.

Maruti said the vehicle would be priced very competitively at Rs4.35 lakhs for non-metallic colour, ex showroom Delhi, to suit customer pockets.

The 4-speed automatic transmission sports an instrument cluster with an electronic display to highlight the engaged gear. A cluster of computer controlled sensors constantly manage the throttle input and optimise the engine response accordingly, thus requiring no changing of gears. The overdrive mode in the automatic transmission provides additional power on the tap, whenever needed. 

The car comes with unique TECT (Total effective control technology) design structure to keep the passengers safe and the assurance of ABS

Announcing the launch of Maruti A-star automatic, Maruti Suzuki India chief general manager, marketing Shashank Srivastava said ''We see a growing market for automatic transmission cars in India, as traffic congestion is increasing day by day resulting in driver fatigue. Moreover, automatic transmission is known to have the advantage of lower risk of wear and tear of the car in the long run. Through this new variant, our consumers will be given the perfect opportunity to enjoy both fuel-efficiency and a clutch-free drive experience.''

The A-star is Suzuki's fifth World Strategic Model, launched in November 2008. Produced at company's Manesar plant, it has been indigenisation to about 95 per cent. Built on a brand new platform, the A-star offers an excellent turning radius, power, flat torque (minimum gearshifts) and performance. Powered by Maruti's new, state-of-the-art, light weight, 998cc K10B petrol engine, A-star is provides fuel-efficiency with a mileage of 19 kilometers per litre, as tested by ARAI, Pune.