Suzuki's Kizashi to launch in India by end 2010

Japanese car maker Suzuki's Kizashi sedan will be launched in India shortly, according to Gene Brown, vice-president of American Suzuki Motor Corp.

He was speaking at the Chicago Auto Show show in the US where he said that the company had plans to launch Kizashi in the Indian market.

Though the date and timings of the launch have not been announced as yet, according to reports Suzuki's latest sports sedan would be at the showrooms by the end of the year.

Brown said the Kizashi would be sold in India and that he did not think the launch in India was that far into the future.

The Kizashi is a mid-sized sedan and according to a number of auto reviews, it offers an option, some fresh blood in the stale water. According to auto experts, it would be the car to buy, for people, who do not want to buy and Accord or a Jetta because everyone they know seem to have one.

The Kizashi is priced between $26,749 and $27,484.