Mahindra Mojo – great finish, great ride

Mahindra Two-Wheelers may have got off to a shaky start, but with its new motorcycle Mojo it seems to be right back on track

What customers are getting now is closer to the 300cc bike showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo. The Mojo has been designed to attract, though some bits are over-styled, especially the family look of bringing in the use of gold instead of chrome - like the Centuro.

But that is where all similarities end. The Mojo is leagues ahead on refinement, engineering and rideability. The bike feels smooth, quick and has the right rumble too. The bike feels nimble in city traffic despite its obvious weight, and accelerates out the blocks quickly too.

The bike's peak torque of 30Nm comes in just past 4500 rpm and you get a great cruising characteristic from the bike - even above 100Km/h. The Mojo's engine has a -smooth feel, with no harshness or vibration even when taken past the three digit speed mark.

Mahindra hasn't skimped on sourcing the right parts, including Pirelli tyres which give the chassis the precise grip and braking capability it needs. The Mojo is a tourer and comes at a time when the Indian buyer has been made aware of such a segment.

The way Mojo has been finished on the fuel tank, with Mahindra taking a subtle position lower on the bike body, the lettering, its finish and the overall branding on the bike, with no unnecessary decals, make it look very premium and very fresh.