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Jyoti Fibre unveils Stopinsect, a mosquito screening systemnews
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21 August 2003

Hyderabad: Every year mosquito-induced diseases claim hundred of lives. According to the World Health Organisation, Malaria infects about 400 million people each year. Over 2,500 different species of mosquitoes transmit deadly diseases and create havoc in human being's life.

To mark the occasion and celebrate World Mosquito Day on 20 August, Jyoti Fibre Glass Screens, a Andhra Pradesh-based company unveiled a new-generation mosquito screening systems for door and windows under the brand name Stopinscet for residential and commercial buildings.

Developed as a result of constant research, the system comprises aluminium sections, fibreglass screens, PVC components, spring wool pile and other accessories. The entire system functions with the spring mechanism. The screen will be rolled and fixed to the aluminium sections and will be fitted to the windows. These can be operated vertically or horizontally. The system has a built-in lock and central released lock, so that whenever the fibreglass screens is pulled down it gets locked.

There is a wool pile in the aluminium section and whenever the fibre glass screens are pulled up and down, the wool pile cleans the mesh in every operation, so that no dust particles accumulate on the screen. Wool pile is used in aluminium sections so that it stops the screen coming out of the frame during the windy season.

Aesthetically designed to improve the beauty of windows and doors, it offers 100-per cent protection from mosquitoes, and is made of patented aluminium sections specially designed and powder-coated to fix insect screens. The fibreglass screens are imported from the US and Belgium, wool pile from Spain, springs from Sweden and PVC components are made out of nylon-6. There are also other models available such as openable and fixed frames for doors and windows. These systems can be custom made according the requirements of the customer. They are available in two colours such as ivory and brown.

Stopinsect is a unique product for the modern living, which can be fixed up without altering existing doors and window frames. They are aesthetically designed, flawless and smooth in its mechanism, offers free flow of air and light, maintenance free. Fibreglass screens are both necessary for hygienic reason and for personal comforts. Besides these, they ensures relief from mosquitoes menace and offers good night sleep.

Each product is offered a two-year guarantee on the mechanism of the systems. Jyoti has over 30 years of experience in building materials. The products are made available through 50-dealer network all over India. These systems are available in all the leading building material shops and interior decoration products shops all over India. They are prised at affordably at Rs120 to Rs220.

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Jyoti Fibre unveils Stopinsect, a mosquito screening system