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Infosys incubates its first staff project news
03 March 2000
Just a week ago, Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy, chairman of Infosys Technologies, had stated that the company would provide incubation and mentor services to exceptional projects brought to the table by any of its staff members. This, according to the chairman, was the company's way of showing to the employees, its appreciation of their potential talent. The company was to use the incubation funding as a strategy to increase Infosys' awareness to any particular technology, besides enabling the company to have a stake in its high potential talent.

Now comes the news that the company has implemented what is had stated. The first of such ideas put forward by a group of its employees has been funded. Onscan, a freely downloadable comprehensive web notification service, developed by this group has been taken up for incubation by the company. The service enables web users to get notified when anything of their interest unfolds on the web. The group believes that, typically, users visit sites many times to look for specific information. Very often they may hit the site a little too late or not at all, thus missing out on important opportunities. Thus, for instance, a user interested in an auction site, could very well miss out on an interesting deal by being late to log on to the auction site. Besides, the group feels that by revealing their e-mail ids on the sites for notifications, is an open invitation to spamming.

Onscan notifications can be received anywhere -- on the desktop, pager, mobile phone or e-mail of the user. By being able to provide web users with the requested information at the requested medium, users are assured that they will "never miss out on their choice of information, ever again".

When a surfer wants any component of a site to be monitored by Onscan, he/she can activate the relevant notification from the browser toolbar. The medium best suited for receiving the notification can be chosen. A brief message reaches the user well in time to act on it. All notifications can be set and managed from one convenient point.

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Infosys incubates its first staff project