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Disruption at ammonia plant forces shutdown at GNFCnews
Our Corporate Bureau
02 November 2006

Mumbai: Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Company Ltd (GNFC) has announced a partial shutdown following disruption of operations at its ammonia plant, the company said in release issued to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

GNFC said normal operations of the plants could not be sustained as the ammonia plant operations of the company were disrupted due to disturbances in ammonia synthesis reactor since October 15.

The shut down at the ammonia plant resulted in the shut-down of some other plants of the company, such as urea, ammonium nitrophosphate, formic acid, acetic acid and methanol III, whereas other plants such as methanol I & II, weak nitric acid, concentrated nitric acid I & II, calcium ammonium nitrate, two boilers and power generation unit continued to operate, the release added.

While there has been no incident of human injury, the shut-down of some plants will impact the business operations and financial results for the current quarter, the company said, adding that the company is taking adequate steps to ensure that the impact is minimised and normal operating conditions are restored.

The company has taken a mega insurance covering fire, machinery breakdown, loss in transit and business interruption so arising.

GNFC expects to normalise operations by November 27.

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Disruption at ammonia plant forces shutdown at GNFC